Fun Night

Family Fun Night

Saturday 17th June seen the management committee organize a super family fun night to raise funds for the hall.

A massive thank you to all the families and friends who came along to join in the fun night. The night was designed to suit everyone from families with new born babies to senior citizens and everyone inbetween, even those who were looking to get out the house for a few hours.Fun Night

The fun night kicked off with a game of Irish Bingo or two. Our newest committee member Lindsay Reid was up next with a mini quiz. We had questions from General Knowledge, Music, TV & Cinema, Sport and Games. We got so carried away and everyone was distracted by the set-up of our next game, we forgot to get all the team names!  Our winning team who I have now named ‘up the top corner’ went home with a lovely bottle of bubbly.

Everyone’s attention was captured while setting up the next game. It was finally time to get the teams ready and have a game of… Human Hungry Hippos. Many people at the fun night had seen versions of this online, but there was still a lot of people who’s faces told us they had no idea what was coming. We managed to get a whopping 6 teams and we were so happy that so many people got up and mixed the teams up. The hall was filled with laughter and shouts of encouragement as the games were played and the winning team got a massive 50 balls captured!

By this time our wall mural was looking let’s say colourful. Letting all the under 5’s loose with crayons and a paper covered wall seemed to be a good time filler. Apologies in advance if anyone finds the kids practicing for next year!

After a quick game of musical islands for the wee ones the fun night moved on and had some horse racing. Again the noise level in the hall rose significantly. It was lovely to hear everyone having so much fun and getting involved. Check out our facebook page for the video of one of the adult races.

The fun night ended with the raffle. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, it has been one of the biggest raffles we have had at a hall organised event in a while.

The committee hope that everyone had a great evening, and we hope everyone went home and told all their friends about our Family Fun Night. It is so encouraging to see the hall with so many people of all ages enjoying themselves.

Look out for the notifications on facebook and posters around the village for our next fundraising night in the hall.

Thank you all for such a fun night.

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  1. Had a great night
    Thanks to everyone all the Committee, Bar staff and all the peeps from Queenzieburn friends and Family ❤

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